Monday, January 13, 2014

Vodafone Auto renewable of pre paid plans stopped.

I got a sms today stating
‘As per TRAI guidelines auto renewal is not allowed on voice bonus cards from 12th January, hence Rs 34 local 40p/min bonus card will not be renewed post validity expiry. To avail the benefits of this bonus card for 30 days post expiry dial *444*34# or recharge with Rs34’.
But the interesting thing in the sms is, if anyone in Mumbai wants to use the BC 34 bonus card he can use the USSD code mentioned above.
If you extrapolate from this it means if you want to use a particular bonus card you can try *444*XX# (where XX stands for the name of the bonus card). I verified this on the 2G/3G page which shows a similar formula.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. After reading this blog I checked on the Vodafone site & found they have given the USSD code for 3G in a hidden manner.