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How to transfer contacts/messages & reminders from a Nokia series 60/Belle phone to an Android phone,

To transfer contacts & messages from a Nokia series 60/Belle phone to an Android phone, you will need the following s/w installed on your PC.
1)      Nokia Suite (latest version)
2)      NBUExplorer ver3. Download from here.
3)      MS Outlook
4)      MyPhoneExplorer. Download from here.
Connect the Nokia phone via usb cable to your PC

To Sync contacts/notes/reminders  with MS Outlook

  Method 1

Open Nokia Suite, MS Outlook (to bring contacts/notes/reminders into Outlook). In Nokia Suite first check the sync direction & conflict resolution settings (found in Tool->Options). Do this for every type of data you want to transfer to Outlook (etc contacts, notes, reminders). Next click on ‘Sync’ to transfer to Outlook.Now your contacts/notes/reminders have been copied into Outlook.

To bring contacts/notes/reminders into your new Android phone.

Keep the phone connected via usb cable. Also be connected to the internet (that will save you some work). After that open ‘MyPhoneExplorer on your PC (install if not already done). In ‘Files’->'Settings’ 

Select ‘Phone with Google Android OS’ next (see above)
In ‘connect via’->’USB cable’
In the left pane click on ‘Sync” (see below)
In the right pane
Contacts->Sync with, select Outlook 2007 & in the ‘Advanced’ button next to it Sync Mode->Force Outlook->;Phone. Deselect the check box ‘Show confirmation window before MyPhoneExplorer makes any changes'.
Do the same for ‘Events &Tasks’,  ‘Notes’. Click on ‘Ok’ for ‘Settings For Outlook’ window.

Next on the left pane of the Settings window (See Below) click on ‘Multi-Sync’.

Please note that the changes you have made here (see above) ie ‘Sync’ with Outlook 2007 for Contacts/Events & Tasks/Notes is a change made only to bring your  data from Outlook to MyPhoneExplorer  should be changed back to ‘Only MyPhoneExplorer’ to use on a regular basis henceforth.

And in the right pane select
‘Sync Phonebook (phone)
‘Sync Organiser’
‘Sync Notes’
‘Refresh Call Logs’
Refresh message folders’
‘Refresh file lists’
‘Sync Photos’
Click on ‘Ok’
Now press to connect the phone to the s/w. Next click on ‘Extras’->Start Multi Sync’. This will now bring into your Android phone the contacts/notes & reminders from Outlook.

  Method 2

To bring contacts into your new Android phone.

The reason I use this new way of transferring contacts is I have found that some contacts with multiple phone numbers may not get transferred correctly (that is some phone numbers may get missed out while others get transferred correctly) when you use Nokia suite to sync to Outlook which is then used to import into the android phone via ‘MyPhoneExplorer’.

First Part: When u open NBU explorer, go to File->Open & open your .nbu file. You will see in the left pane ‘Contacts’. You should see all the contacts in the top right side pane. Click on the first contact then press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ & then go to the last contact and click on it. This should select all of them (Ctrl A does not seem to work). When they are all selected right click on them & select the ‘Export selected files’ option. This will export all your contacts in its entirety to a selected folder.

Second Part:   Setup instructions for MyPhoneExplorer for an Android phone can be found Here. Open ‘MyPhoneExplorer’ connect your Android phone, in the left pane click on ‘Phone’ under ‘Contacts’ then go to the right side pane, right click & click on ‘Export/Import’->’Import’ select all the contacts you just exported & import them into the Android phone via this s/w and use this s/w for syncing & backing up your android phone data.

To transfer messages from Nokia phone to your new Android phone.
To transfer the messages, in Nokia Suite take a backup of your phone data. The destination location of the .nbu file can be changed, so please change it to a easier to find location. Now open NBU Explorer click on File->Open & open the .nbu file you just saved. 

In the left pane click on the ‘Message’ tab. In the left pane you will see three options (Inbox, Outbox, Other) select all three. In the right pane you will see your Nokia messages. Above the messages (see red arrow in fig 1) you will see the option to export your messages, click on it. In the ‘Save As’ option save the file in the xml format for SMS backup & Restore.
Next transfer this xml file to the memory card of your phone. Install SMS Backup & Restore from google play onto your phone & use the ‘Restore’ option in this app & you are done. All your message from your Nokia phone will now appear in your new Android phone with its date & time stamp.

This would probably also work with a Nokia Series 40  if it has usb cable connectivity.


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Wow this post is a godsend for people like me who are totally at sea when shifting from Nokia to Android with out depending on other people. Now I could do all this myself

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Thannks for this. For a guy who after using Nokia for ages now having to shift to an Android phone this was very useful, without having to depend on others