Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Add Google/Yahoo search to IE 10/11

Many of my friends who buy new PC’s/laptops and want to make Google or Yahoo their default search engine find that option missing IE10/11. So I decided to add this post for them & other who may require it.
When you buy a new computer (in India) which has Windows 7/8 which would have IE 10/11 it would probably have ‘Bing’ as its default search engine.

 And when you try to add either Yahoo or Google via 'Tools'->'Manage Add On’s' you may not find these two. Click on ‘Find more search providers’ (See left bottom in fig above) where for India you will again not find these two search engines. Now on the top right corner you will see ‘India (English)’ (See below)

change that to ‘Unites States (English)’ then go to search option
and you should find these two search engines which you can then add to your browser.

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