Friday, August 10, 2012

Newsletter from MTNL - Information regarding ADSL modem

MTNL Mumbai Newsletter August 8 , 2012
Dear MTNL Customer,
Over the past 2-3 years IP addresses have become scarce commodity. This is mainly due to cost benefits derived from the packet switching. All telecom networks are now built on IPv4 addresses. Existing IPv4 addresses are too inadequate to meet the ever growing demand for IP addresses.
Worldwide, most of the countries have migrated to IPv6 in place of Ipv4.Number of IP adresses in version 6 (IPv6) are more and Department of Telecommunications under Governement of India has envisaged a plan for migration to IPv6.
In line with the advise, MTNL is upgrading existing network  elements to IPv6. Therefore it is imperative to have  customer owned modems(CPEs) to be of IPv6 compliant.All  prospective customers while purchasing modem of their own,should ensure that purchsed modems are IPv6  compliant.Similarly existing customers who use their own modem also have to ensure that modem is IPv6 compliant.
Hope, You will co-operate with MTNL in this endeavour.

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