Saturday, October 09, 2010

Setup instructions for MyPhoneExplorer for Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is also called i9000 on the Samsung website

If you start MyPhoneExplorer ver 1.8.0 & click on ‘File’->’Settings’->’Phone with Google Andriod OS’ & then take the mouse pointer to ‘Sample’ next to it you will see that Samsung i9000 is mentioned in it which is the nomenclature for Samsumg Galaxy S. so this phone is compatible with this s/w. Also mentioned here

You have to remember two things here in this setup

1) If you want to connect via cable or by Bluetooth the settings will be different & you will have to reconfigure separately for each type of connection.

2) If you are connecting thru USB cable AND you happen to connect thru different USB port then your configuration will change & you will have to come to this section of ‘Setting’ to click again on the push button ‘Search for Device’.

Before starting I suggest that backups be made of important data on your phone also remember that 'Andriod' is still 'Work-In-Progress' . :) Now lets get to the setup. Close the s/w & connect the USB cable (or bluetooth dongle) & then start the s/w, you should see some balloons popping up in your task bar, let that process go on.

Click on ‘File’->’Settings’ then click on 'Connection' (seen in the left pane). (See below).

Click on ’Phone with Google Andriod OS’.

‘OBEX packet size’ should be ‘Autodetect’.

Select ‘Write log file’.

Remember that the COM port number & Baud rate number seen in the figure below maybe different from what you see in the s/w on your machine, do not change it.

At this point DO NOT CLICK ON 'Search for Device'. That will be done last when all selections are done. (Page 6)

Now make the selection as seen in the following picture.

Next click on ‘Startup’ in the left pane & the following window will be seen.

Next click on ‘Appearance in the left pane & the following window will be seen. Here you can change the 'Font' & 'First Day of the Week'

Next click on ‘Behaviour' in the left pane & the following window will be seen.

Next click on ‘Sync in the left pane & the following window will be seen.

As seen the picture immediately above 'Only MyPhoneExplorer' is selected, as syncronisation is being inside this s/w itself in case you want to sync with another s/w like MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc (depending on whether any of the above mentioned is installed on your computer), you will have to make the appropiate selection in 'Contacts', 'Calender', 'Notes' seen in picture above. Also the correct 'Sync protocol' should be selected. 'SyncML' is usually the universal standard but you might have to experiment here as the 'User Guide' is silent on this maybe the forum can help !!!

Next click on ‘Multi-Sync in the left pane & the following window will be seen.

Next click on ‘Advanced 1 in the left pane & the following window will be seen.

Next click on ‘Advanced 2 in the left pane & the following window will be seen. Here you can change the location of 'Photo Sync' folder (where photos are stored) & location of your database. Its preferable to keep them on a drive other than C:\ where the computer OS is stored.

After making all the selections as seen in the figures above are done, lets go back to 'Connection' again.

Click on ‘Search for device’. It should usually detect your phone without any problems, IN CASE it does not then you should play around with the ‘COM port’ selection depending on which USB port you have connected to & ‘baud rate’ to get it going. If it still does not, then post your problem on the forum (link given below) to get an answer from the developer.

Hope this helps :)

Forum for this s/w & can be useful in future for further reading about any bugs, shortcomings etc. They can be directly communicated to the developer for remedies.

After this done I suggest you take a 'Backup' by clicking on 'Extras' in the Menu bar & then clicking on 'Create Backup' before exploring any further :)


Anonymous said...

I just bought this phone & tried out the s/w which came with the phone & did not like it then I was told of this s/w by a friend who used it with Sony Ericsson phones & then migrated to this phone & was v happy. But being a novice I was not sure of how to go about it till I came across this blog.
Phew a live saver makes everything look so easy :D Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

Good one a real life saver as the s/w provided by Samsung seems to be buggy :D

Anonymous said...

Hi - is there a easy way to know which COM port the USB connection is on rather than random tries?

socrates said...

Yes it can be done. If you look at the first fig. Above ‘Connection’, you will notice an check box option ‘Activate an alternate port’. Click that check box & select the relevant port from the drop down list box. But I would not recommend this unless you know about which port to select.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I have managed to get the COM port now based on your help.

I'm just a bit further confused. In your screenshots it shows Sony phone selected but your instructions say to select the Android phone.
When I select the Android phone, the options to select the com port etc. disapear and are replaced with options suitable for the Android phone (bluetooth, wifi etc.).

Can you please advise?

socrates said...

Lol :d Good observation. I use a Sony Ericsson non Andriod phone so my s/w is configured for it. In your case I suppose, if its not visible then you will have to be satisfied with auto selection of ports.

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally got MyphoneExplorer to work and it synced up. But not very well!
I have lots of calendar entries in Outlook 2010 and MyPhone missed about two thirds of them so my Galaxy
s calendar is not quite correct.

Kies is no better - the connection is very flaky and the Calendar won't sync up.

I'm really beginning to hate this phone now!

Anyway - thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace & downloaded & installed this s/w after seeing this blog & got it up & running without any trouble. I find this can be used for all function except for updating the firmware & accessing Samsung apps for which one has to depend on Samsung KIES. Thanks once again.